$ASH — Operation Stability — Part 1

4 min readMay 2, 2022

As sad as it is to say, @DelNFT, the most successful $ASH creator who was $ASH only needs to drop in ETH soon…

Let that sink in…

I know UrnDao is doing something and Del indicated Pak said the solution will need to a community-driven one…I also have heard about multiple $ASH only marketplaces being worked on.

Although there are various efforts in place to help the community, I believe that if the full talent pool of the $ASH community were harnessed to its fullest potential and focused as ONE, we would be able to outperform the likes of Yugalabs for example. Between the devs, creators, business people, etc. in our community of maybe 10k, we could do whatever anyone is doing as good if not better.

Here are my thoughts on actions we can take to help carry the torch forward that Del and other OGs have done — I’m not sure how this could definitely happen but I’m willing to put my expertise, abilities, and time into the mix:

1) Question: Is there a group doing research on how to solve the liquidity pool issue? Exactly how much ETH is required to get all those who don’t believe in $ASH and want to Cash out the ability to do so (how crazy is that number?)

Question: is $ASH the token really needed for $ASH Community to thrive and continue to grow and make its mark on the world and web3? Are we focusing on the wrong thing as a community, trying to save $ASH the token and thinking it is what defines us versus an ethos of 1) wanting to create 2) wanting to create value for collectors 3) wanting to do good 4) creating cool stuff 5) making amazing friends and inspiring each other?

2) Idea 1: Could every $ASH creator start selling in ETH across multiple marketplaces and we set aside some of that ETH and start creating a community liquidity pool spearheaded by creators who are also collectors and believe in the true $ASH ethos? And make it a closed garden that cannot be touched by folks until we decide?

3) Question: Who would be interested in using our skills to create revenue generating endeavours (“businesses” , “services”, just creations) that enable us to get the capital required to fulfill our mission of making $ASH stable and the gold standard for how to create, collect, and build value? Right now, Yugalabs is gunning to be the “entertainment and gaming hub” for web 3, OM is aiming to be the Open Metaverse and nexus through which all metaverses flow, what is $ASH? In my opinion $ASH is the operationalization of the ethos we have been living since last year and if every skill set of each person in $ASH were applied to a DAO-type org like Yugalabs, we would dominate. Our devs are ridiculous and do things that others are racking their brains on just to do it (e.g., 0xG’s rentable NFT, the different smart contract mechanisms that have been deployed across the creations in our community, etc.). We have every walk of life and talent in our community — what if we were to harness this as one?

**Examples of initiatives we could build within the community in the name of contributing portions of that to the closed liquidity pool fund:**

1) RentMyNFT.eth:** I bought this ENS soon after I re-joined the NFT space and I am willing to donate it so we can leverage the innovation OxG demonstrated to build a marketplace for doing this and could raise capital to fund the liquidity pool

2) $ASH Solidity Contract extensions package** that implements the different mechanisms developed and demonstrated in various $ASH drops, a kind of $ASH Innovation SDK that people could pay a SaaS & Professional services license to leverage OR one-time fee that they get by owning the $ASH innovation NFT

3) $ASH Metaverse Game** across the talent pool, we could probably make the most insanely amazing web3-NFT-based games in the space. What if we created a Kingdom Hearts like $ASH video game that incorporates all the different characters that $ASH creators have created — I mean imagine Grassetti + Del figures as in-game characters alone (not even counting other creators who are less well-known but have their own lores, etc.) in some open-world multi-verse game with various puzzles, missions, easter eggs, and NFTs to find in this game?

4) Ash Too Drop — Creation & Destruction City** there are a number of us in $ASH who had been thinking of doing a drop by the less well-known $ASH creators that would be focused on showcasing the full breadth and depth of talent across the $ASH community — buy why stop there — why not make it a big drop that includes creators from all levels and fame AND we split the revenue like $ASH 2.

But perhaps more importantly, if and when we have the $ASH District in OM, use the space to create the largest metaverse show in history by using the full district for the show — literally a creation city. Ash Too would focus on:

a) Growing the Liquidity Pool Fund: We could do the drop in ETH and take a portion of the proceeds to fund the liquidity pool

b) Do good: donate a portion of proceeds to a good cause pool to support various causes we as a community want to support.

c) Burn: At the end of the show, we could burn it all down to rise like a phoenix: so imagine, at the end of the show, literally burn the whole city and symbolically, on the edition shown for the shows as well…so if it’s a collection with 1/1 — have 2 and then burn one, etc.

So what do you think $ASH Community?




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