0. My Publicly Private Life

3 min readFeb 11, 2022

Hi, I am TheDigitalCoy. I joined this Web3 world because I love to create, collect, live a good life filled with meaning, and seek the souls of the minds who like to do the same. My goal in life is to create beautiful and interesting things and be a muse to all I come into contact with…

In an effort to get to know you, I hope that sharing a little bit about myself below can help to start the process. Thank you and I look forward to creating not just beautiful things (visual art, mixed media, music, writing), but also doing more good in the world, especially around helping children through education-focused efforts.

I have been a creator of visual art since I picked up a crayon and began writing on the walls of my childhood home. And I have been a vocal and instrumental “performer” from elementary to high school, of performing arts and music in university, and throughout my early 20s, made films, music, and wrote in various forms.

I’ve been a collector of physical art, physical books a la A Pound of Paper (fictional and non-fiction), and was really into collecting physical comic books and baseball and basketball cards as a kid. And of course now, am very much into collecting digital art and books.

In my 30s I didn’t do as much art or performing on a consistent and public basis aside from the occasional karaoke night and would mostly do some singing in the shower, occasional painting or sketches, writing poems on flights during business travel, or adding to the various fiction novels and short stories I’ve been working on over the years when the mood struck me…

Now with web 3.0, and after my children are now old enough where they sleep through the night and can mostly take care of themselves, my artistic collecting and creating proclivities have been re-ignited and I have started a collective of sorts with close friends and family to help each other launch our passion projects (more to come in the next few weeks to months on this).

So here we are and here we go!

You can find my personal artwork and Genesis to Revelation Collection entitled “Publicly Private” here:

My other current projects that are semi-public and my personal gallery curation experiments can be found here:

Personal Investing and Collector Story:

  • Mid-80s to present: Traditional non-web to web 2.0 assets investing - comic books, fiction and non-fiction books, baseball and basketball cards, stocks, bonds, annuities, mutual funds, REITs, real estate, traditional art (mostly painting and sculpture)
  • early mid 2000s: Started Cypto Investing (Bitcoin — ->ETH — ->etc)
  • 2017: Bought 1st NFT in 2017 then hiatus once once had 2nd child
  • 2021- : Re-entered NFTs in 2021 and not looked back (see Linktree above for public gallery experiments)

Thank you and I look forward to inspiring each other and doing good things for the world with you!





I create&collect, live to be a muse inspiring all I come into contact with to do good, live to eat, not eat to live,&my mantra is happy wife=happy life.